Today every person is trying hard

Trying to get by with that one heart

That heart, that soft part of their core

Has been mushed, stretched and torn apart

But it still insists on beating

It still precipitates warmth

Even though all that surrounds it are icicles


Why? Oh, Why, Is that so?

Wonders can’t break that brave soul..

Where did the courage come from

Strength for it to go on

How don’t you fall apart

How is it that you are standing tall

I want to ask, I want to ask!


They turn around and say

Outside we are tall, inside a mere shadow

Outside we are brave, inside hollow

That warmth you are speaking of

Is nothing but the smoke

Of the hurt that doesn’t want anyone else to hurt


The urge to protect is instant

Cause we know pain

Even if the cause is not the same

You ask and you ask

But what do we say?

The soul is not brave

But it knows it has to stay


So get up and start

Take one day at a time

And start stepping

Fight your demon

And then start walking

Then you will be the one standing tall

As million you see in us all.




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