What Do You Mean?

Up until now, the years have just seemed to passed by me

The movement of time has sort of lulled me into thinking that I was moving

But that is as untrue as the fact that everything is going to be fine.

I choose to believe certain things

That make me naïve and others are given an opportunity to blink

But that is untrue as the silence of the scream.

Maybe one day I can say that everything was a dream

That I was not the one hoping a fantasy to be an existence

Bit that is as untrue as the realm of a positive future.

Ask me why such pessimism and I will tell you

Whatever you have learnt uptill this point

The ideals, the tolerance, the differentiating right from wrong

Are all a charade for you to believe that all are equal.

One by one the chips fall in place

People are not people but a card of their own race

No matter how much you want to simplify the stack

They always land up defending their own pack.

The mixing and matching was never the point

Then you realise pure blood and money is what is the joint

You give and you take and you make a life

Only to destroy what you thought was cast aside

Today, tomorrow will all be the same

Because all we ever do are live the norms that were created by insane.

Now insane are the normal, so they become sane

And me who wants simple things has become a game

Tossed and returned with loads of love and received with loads of pleasure

Where I come from or go is no one’s concern only to say that roots are gone.

Today I may be moving in time

But believe me I have no sense of it and

Those who think they do have in essence

Are in such a denial of their own being.



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