Trucks and Triumphs

Have you ever noticed the back of a truck or a lorry? They have the weirdest things written on them. Don’t get me wrong, those sayings make so much sense that they become life goals but still makes no sense because of their placement on a heavy vehicle!

None the less they are fun to read when on that boring long commute and induce you to give some form of reaction whether it is to oneself or your co passenger!

  1. Buri nazar vale tera muh kala

English Translation: Evil eye deserves a black face!

This one is the most common of them. But why? How does one look at a truck with an evil eye? Is there actually any way to look at a truck other than the fact that it is a truck? Is this a warning for other vehicle to not get jealous of that truck? (Chuckles, lots and lots of chuckles)



  1. Samay se pehle bhagya se zyada kabhi nahi milta

English Translation: We never get anything before time and it will never be more than what is in our luck

This is something to which I wholeheartedly agree. An important life lesson that reminds us that no one is greater than God.

Now, either of the two perspectives can be taken here; the truck owner is extremely philosophical and righteous, because of which he feels it is his duty to spread the message…which is great. But why behind a truck man? Another take is to just tell the vehicle behind you that, “Dude you can’t get past me, this is not your time neither are you that lucky, so just fall in line!”



  1. Has mat pagli pyaar ho jaaega

English Translation: Don’t laugh, crazy girl, I will fall in love!

Do I really need to say anything about this? I guess we all know now where does the song from Toilet- Ek Prem Katha (Love Story) originates from. Toilet-truck- Get it! (Sorry couldn’t stop myself)

Has mat pagli pyar ho jayega – Don’t smile baby, I will fall in love with you – Truck slogans in India
  1. Use dipper at night

This one is valid, except the fact that during those sleepy, sloppy car journeys, I always end up reading the word dipper as diaper! Re read the sentence once again and imagine my thought process when I am in that half-awake zone; “ Do I have a bowel problem? Even if I do, how does that truck person know? Oh am I someone famous that people keep a track of my bowels? What no, of course not, yesterday only Mom scolded me for sleeping too much and I clearly remember not wetting the bed for 20 years or so? So why, why are you asking me to wear diapers? Let me read once again. Oh..oh…ohhhhh…its dippers! Okay then!” ( No, I am not medically insane!)

Fatta box - Use dipper at night - Mother's blessings - Truck slogans in India
Fatta box – Use dipper at night – Mother’s blessings – Truck slogans in India
  1. Take poison, but don’t believe on girls

This one is not common but this is definitely the weirdest of them all! But heartbreak makes you do things like these. I understand dude. I get your pain but for the opposite gender. Still I won’t go as far as saying take poison but I am definitely on board for feeding the person who has betrayed to take poison! ( Clarity- This was sarcastic. I am neither in favour of suicide or murder. Death by natural causes is my jam)





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  1. In south India, especially Tamil Nadu and in Port Blair, trucks do have some additional weird faces ..of some form of Ravana, which is again completely misplaced…



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