The Pink Wonder



Surrounded by rides and practical application in the campus of Science City, the excitement and eagerness to explore everything it had, eventually tired me. My little tummy screamed, “Feed me!”. I scanned the area for edible goodies, after all this was a picnic, boring food would just not do.

Holding my father’s hand, we strolled by various food carts. I remember something smelling so sweet that I instantly started salivating but I could not locate it. Eventually, we landed up near a stall where the vendor was moving a stick in circular motion. It was as if he a conjurer was trying to capture air! My tiny brain wanted to learn that, so I looked very carefully and poof appeared a cloud. I looked at my father in astonishment and then the person next to him, who started eating it!

Seeing my fascination, Dad smiled and took one for me. He introduced it as,” Cotton Candy, my love.” Grabbing it, I took a bite and felt it melting in my mouth. That first taste, destroyed my face with pink all over it and biggest smile a child could ever have!


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