Just Keep Running!!


Once two people were sitting by the river pondering what is it that they should do, so that they could earn a comfortable living and have a good family life.

After bouncing around ideas for quite a while, both threw their hands up in the air and screamed,

“God, help us!”

God heard them. He told them, “Fine, I will help you. All you have to do run on this course that I have built for you till the very end.”

Both looked at God, then each other and then started running.

The first couple of days that they ran, they found food at regular intervals; good, delicious, yummy food.

The first person began to run slower and rest longer while the second one remained the same as he was.

Then subsequently they began to find books laid out for them. This elated both as they now could do something else besides running and eating. The first person now would eat only the food and read only the books that he liked. The Second one would however eat and read whatever he was given and would also ask the first one for some of his books when he was finished with his collection.

After some days there came a wall, a low one but they could see what was on the other side, so they would climb over and keep running until they hit a high wall, beyond which they could see no more. Now before the wall was a beautiful, cosy house. Both of decided to stay there.

The First one decided to settle there forever. The second person was always very curious to know what was there on the other end, though. So with all the knowledge that he had gained during the journey, he built steps very carefully to go over to the other side. After a few days when he reached the top finally, what he saw, left him stumped. There was a huge sea facing bungalow with all comforts and amenities that stood there in all its glory.

He shouted from the top of the wall calling out to the first person, telling him all he could see and asking him to come over quickly. But the First person didn’t pay heed, he said he didn’t understand what could be better than what he already had and that he was comfortable here itself.

Both, had come towards the end of their journeys, once they reached their house and bungalow respectively.

Every person makes their own journey in their own way. Sometimes we are so harrowed by our own vision that we fail to see a better, brighter tomorrow. Expanding and growing is what makes a person truly successful. We cant get stuck and then expect to grow. One always has to keep up with time and tide.



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  1. Some of the beautiful and positive writing I have ever read…. and the best part was the simplicity behind it.. 🙂


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