Jingle Jingle!!


The world of wonders seems to be still.

There is no movement in life. No rustle. Nowhere to go.

Its calm in a disguise because it’s the opposite of what I feel.


A laugh in my head says, “You worry too much, all is going to be okay”

But my heart beats in the nervous way.

Oh, the historic head and heart battle

But the dilemma; shouldn’t they say the other way to each other

Now, don’t confuse each other’s roles

We have clear accountability, don’t we!


I have to say, every day is new and old at once

But how can that be?

It’s like saying a thing is black and white at once!


Again, let me think!

Isn’t grey the product of black and white?

Of course, it is

So it’s true


All this makes no sense

Just a simple crackle in my head

Oh, it’s okay to have such bunding days

Where the clatter makes a fun poem

And allows me to say…

Let the bel Jingle all the way!

Merry Christmas!!










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