Won’t take ‘NO’ as an answer at all!


“Sometimes we just get lost in the mundane events of life that we forget we are extraordinary and life pull us back until we are stuck in its circle. Only faith in ourselves can redeem us.”

Sometimes, the wonder of it all, gets to me, thoughts I have, bother me

I don’t want to be a negative person, nor do I want to be spiteful

But when last night, the words were unheard

It hurt deep, so out poured the rage;

Its sinister, I know, but didn’t someone tell them,

Not to take anyone for granted, at all;

My tantrums (as you call it) will get over with time,

But one day, when you miss me, I won’t be able to hang on

I have always tried to be gracious, to be forgiving, grateful, for things I’ve received

But somehow I have become a brat in their eyes, who doesn’t seem

To be able to take NO as an answer at all.

I have always walked on the path I was told

Even when my dreams said, this is not where I belong

So where did I go wrong?

I want to do so many things, be so many things

But it just vexes me, to be unable to do anything, about it at all

To do what I am told, and hear that I never done anything at all

Who will I be? What kind of person I am and will become?

These just keep nagging me, like the annoying kid who pokes and asks away the world

My conscious keeps me awake, to tell me, oh if you just had the courage…

Remember the old mythology books, where people seemed to know why were they born?

With a clear direction of their lives, they just marched on…

Oh you remember Ram! He knew he was here to destroy evil

Or his buddy Hanuman, who knew to dedicate his life to Ram

Or Jesus, who knew he had to guide his people

And now I am sure you will remember many others;

I wish God had handed me, my manual,” Here child, this is how you should lead your life”

Or perhaps he did, He just didn’t tell me the conclusion of it all.

Alas, I don’t know what will happen

But I refuse to believe, I will forget those dreams of mine

Or that there will never be a right time, for me to be forthright,

When for once I will not take No as an answer at all.



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