Ever encountered people, the so called friends and relatives who borrow stuff from you like it’s their own and when you go ahead and ask it back, they behave as if it was theirs all along with a cringing face as if you are causing them physical pain. The way they talk to you is as if they are doing you a massive favor by returning the very thing that belongs to you!


Well, news flash… IT IS MINE, YOU DOLT! I don’t have a problem in sharing my but I do have a problem that you don’t return.

So here is how it goes…

“Hi, can I borrow your epilator”, asks (lets call him/ her) XYZ

“Yeah, go ahead”, I hand them the box with the understanding that they are literate and can read the direction before using it if they don’t know how to.

So after a few days when I need it for obvious reasons, I go to them.

“Hey, what’s up?”, I say awkwardly not knowing how to ask it back. So after some small talk.

“Can I have my epilator back? I kind of need it”

“Umm… I need it too; I am so sorry I can’t give it to you today. Its urgent. I have this party today and you know that cute dress that I bought, it’s going to look really bad.”

“I get it. But I also have to go out. You had it for so long, you could have done it earlier. Pich”, I say with a lil empathy.

“Oh…Okay…I will give it to you. But please be considerate enough to return it back to me because I need it!” said XYZ with face all cringed up, painfully crawling out of bed to the cupboard asserting herself (we all know it’s a girl by now!)

She rummaged through the clothes for some seconds and then shrieked, “Oh shoot! I forgot I lent it to ABC!”

I scream in my heart- You dash! Who gave you the permission to lend my things to others. Did you ask me? Did you pay for it? Of all people you lent it to a girl who basically breaks or damages everything. WHY?

But I say,” Can you get it back please?”

“Well, I have to handover this assignment in twenty minutes. Can you go get it yourself?” she said assertively.

I nodded, shrugged and left to go to ABC. Got it back from her. Shut myself in the bathroom and started to do the job. The moment I flicked the switch on, it doesn’t start!

I get out, change the batteries, try to start it again and no result. Damaged! I storm out of my room barge into ABC’s room only to find her missing. I, then go to XYZ, “It’s not working!”, I screamed.

“What? How? Oh that ABC…. You know how she is. Don’t worry man it happens.”

Just as I am out of the door, I hear, “She’s such a grump”.

The only thing I could do was slump back to my room.

Well this happened quite a few years ago and I, till date don’t know how to deal with such situations.

Fire away your advice.

All I want to do is…..





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