When exams are on my head, I feel that food is the only respite from those dumbbells like books!

I constantly want to experiment with what to eat because I crave excitement in some form or the other. However, you can’t give too much time, can you? Nor can you constantly ask your family to cook delicacies every day!!

Mom says,” Pata nahi tum log ko roti sabzi se kya problem hai!” (I don’t understand what problems do you have with staples!).

To tackle that I bring you 5 awesome 5-minutish dishes to satisfy that craving. Its quicker, faster, easier and for a layman who does not like measurements!


Remember the left over rice in the fridge? It is the magic ingredient. Okay get ready because you will love this. Slice some potatoes. Get the bottle of ketchup out.

Take the slices of potatoes and layer them up in a bowl. Put it in the microwave for 7 mins to boil. Believe me it works!

In the meantime, chop some onions, capsicum. Take the ketchup, add some vinegar or lemon, chopped onions, capsicum, chili powder, any other seasoning that you fancy and finally water to get a gravy like consistency. Also grate some cheese and mix some sugar and salt in a bowl.

Pull out potatoes, strain them and keep it aside. Now you need to layer it up.

1st– Potatoes

2nd– Gravy

3rd– Rice

4th– Potatoes

5th– Gravy

6th– Layer of cheese

7th– Sugar and salt

Now, place them in the oven for 5 mins that is until you see that delicious brown layer on the top. Enjoy!

Kind of running out of time right now so i will come back soon and post the other 4 and in the mean while try this and also leave in the comments your favorite exam food for me to experiment on!



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