Caution! Women Driving!


As a pro feminist every day, this behavior just begs attention.

I have laughed at so many jokes condemning women and driving, that I can’t even remember. There have been so many scenes highlighting this particular fact in the movies, that it has now become a set fact in probably every person’s mind!

Just can’t resist myself, you have to listen to this joke

Beer Test

Yesterday scientists revealed that beer contains small traces of female hormones. To prove their theory, the scientists fed 100 men 12 pints of beer and observed that 100% of them gained weight, talked excessively without making sense, became emotional, and couldn’t drive. — No further testing is planned.

So basically, beer makes a man woman which in turn leads him to drive like a woman! (See  by now I have already established that women are bad drivers and driving like woman is an insult!)

You can even check out this page that list out Top 10 WOMAN DRIVERS OF THE YEAR (Visual Joke)

Yesterday, my sister in law was driving us somewhere (Ooohh woman driver!). I just want to list the things that happened then:

  1. All the people started on the road started telling her how to drive. One person even asked to drive through on the main road right when there was throng of vehicles stuck in traffic!
  2. All the pedestrians, who I must point out were men (because women did stop!), wanted to cross the road right when she was driving.
  3. This hand rikshawvala (For those who don’t know, it’s a carriage for passengers that is pulled either by a hand or cycle) suddenly decided that it was okay the cross the signal when it was red for him because he saw a female driver driving. What was funny was that, in his process of staring at us like we are some creatures from some XYZ planet of his imagination, he forgot that there were other cars also speeding by. We stopped but one male driven car missed him by an inch!

These are just examples of how the world behaves when a woman drives. Driving is not gender biased just like other things. It is the inability of the people to digest certain fact, like woman can handle themselves, that they wait for every little mistake to turn it to a male chauvinistic comment.

For God’s sake if you want to enjoy little nuances, follow Rahul Gandhi or Donald Trump. I am sure that will give you, your every penny’s worth not invested;)



5 thoughts on “Caution! Women Driving!

Add yours

  1. Gender has something to do with right and wrong… Discrimination is all about the existing way to suppress freedom…. A because men are insecure most of the time…

    Wish I could write more, but have to end here… Very well timed article..


  2. This is a long struggle ..
    Am ashamed of being belong to the been folk. I from their behalf want to apologize to you and every women .. . pls tc… God bless ..
    A soldier of this battle !!


  3. There have been instances when a driver (male) from the parallel road is patiently waiting for all the cars to pass by but the moment he spots me (FEMALE) he suddenly decides to cross the road in full speed because I’m a woman and I surely will panic and hit the break too hard or maybe crash into him. And if I bump into him “arre vo lady driver thi aur kya expect kar rahe the.”
    I was shocked when this happened for the first time but now it’s an everyday story. It’s fun now cuz I don’t hit the break and start honking as i pass by and cherish that defeated look on his face 😂

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