Landslide Victory


Of course she had to come to power. After what they called a landslide victory, she declared that her agenda is social welfare and development. Major news channel covered her victory with immense fanfare nationally but for us Kolkattans, this was nothing but ironically the obvious shock.

Why I call it this is because even though we harboured some hope of redemption, we were also aware of the power of biriyani (for those unaware, it works as a bribe) in this heritage filled state.

A well-known writer and researcher, when asked the reason for the support, said that the thirty-five years of oppression that the Left had imposed on the state, will take time to heal and in the meantime whoever promises to keep them away shall be the leader.

As much as I empathize with what was lost in those thirty- five years, I fail to understand why people are unable to see the implication of Sharada-Narada scandals or the collapse of the Vivekananda flyover in Kolkata, on the eve of the elections.

These are still high ranking matters; we could feel the side effects of her win on really simple everyday life skills like sleeping or studying. How?

If you reside in Kolkata, you will know the fact that almost every area has a micro slum and that every other day is some festival or the other. The wastage is immeasurable and loss of man hours is another issue in the state. But these things only matter to those of us who are trying to run a business or work efficiently in any service based industry as opposed to the people in power play who are only interested in their vote bank, at the cost of luring ignorants in for short term benefits. In this case, the short term benefit was a seven day celeberations.

On the day of her win, I had an exam, while returning home, I was immensely surprised to see my lane completely transformed into a ferry light shamiyana. As pretty as it was, the next thing that came to my sight was a four-foot-long table filled with food. None of this was unusual, even though I was aware that next day as I would step out of my house, I would discover a huge pile of wasted food. The real torture was when they started playing nagada (Indian Drums) at one in the night, followed by the repeat of the same at five in the morning and then a whole day of disco music furthered by a play in the evening, at full volume. This was the schedule for following 7 days!

Numerous calls to 100 provided no support and neither did the noise cancelling headphones.

Sadly, the development of West Bengal is being measured by the no of lights per metre. The historic state seems to have no future but a lull and seem that it will be in trance of short term benefits for a while.

I am just surprised that no one sees that the same amount that is spent on festivals can go towards the building of permanent structures that will let the very ignorants thrive and builds a successful lives for themselves but I guess that is a discussion for another day.



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  1. This is exactly what I felt,
    I must salute you for your courage to express in social media .. in a state we live where democracy is handled with autocracy…


  2. I don’t think that much! One day at a time is all you need to deal with!
    As far as autocracy is concerned, well in today’s age you can’t supress much, can you ?!

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  3. No, we can’t..
    I presume the problem lies with the diverse levels of our demographic structure which can either cannot afford liberalism in its truest form or this luxury is misused and that is perhaps the political parties take the advantage of….

    The way you mentioned about dole politics… People are happy with it… At least majority…


  4. It is the sad part! Opinions, Perceptions are all short sighted incentive based! Only key to all this is education and awareness…and there is a log way to reach that goal!

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  5. It’s much more easy to educate people who are illiterate than to educate the educated …
    I may sound stupid but the very purpose of life has changed…the demands have changed and the priorities have changed to the worse..
    The Kerala being the highest literate state had imposed ban on women in the grounds of purity…

    This is the challenge I presume ..

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  6. Yea..I can’t help but laugh at that situation cause it just restores my faith in the fact that man is absurd and shall always find ways to showcase it!
    The only challenge I think here is to tell everyone to ignore such people, rules and comments and not hype them!
    And I am sure we are capable of it cause we know how we love to drive/ ride without seat belts/helmets..
    Laugh it off and do what you gotta do!

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  7. I really don’t understand why we men are so restless to prove our idiocracy ..
    Is it because of some genetic disorder?? My elder sister said the same lines as you said… I really felt sorry .. when I read that they have installed a purity test machine ..
    It was not something to ignore… I felt it insulting..


  8. See as much as this was an issue, you have to understand that stupidity crops up in the unlikeliest places and you just can’t pay attention to them! It was in fact very insulting and I completely agree with you..but hyping such things never helps! It only encourages the attention seekers..What I feel would have been a correct path was to call these authorities on Arnab Goswami or Barkham Dutt’d show and slam them down rather that asking people around how they feel about it!
    And believe me there is nothing that can stop women, no amount of absurd comments. The reason I know this is cause we face it at individual level every single day!

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  9. Firstly, I am extremely sorry to know this everyday suffering… I believe at some point of time may be I have contributed to it by ignoring ..

    Secondly, thou are absolutely correct that they won’t be able to have arnab n barkha, ; as a matter of fact they won’t be able to face any women if they were allowed tho question!!

    Thirdly, ignorance to this people will certainly reduce the hype… But at the same time it will give them the courage to push further towards the worst part …and eventually we have to chase them…


  10. Chasing is quite different from actually paying attention to these people…they just need to be dismissed so that they can stop spreading negativity….and it is a fact that the more you harness a negative energy the greater is the hold or impact!

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  11. That’s absolutely correct…
    The last line, I totally accept…. And what about the daily sufferings ??
    And what for ?


  12. You can fight at individual level slowly with the daily little things that have become an acceptable habit somehow!
    The daily suffering is not only because of opposite gender, it is also a personal mentality change that every women has to undergo…so its every bit internal as it is external!
    For example: It is engraved in our minds that we have seek permission for everything from our elders..acceptable. But for a woman it is impicit to take permission from a male even if he is of the same age and we accept it! What it actually should be,,, is a mutual discussion between both the parties to reach the best decision….be it a matter related to man or a woman.
    That personal fight is way more necessary than taking a flag and landing on road shouting slogans!

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  13. What you just pointed out is so crucial that it makes it imperative for me to say something…

    I believe the entire issue if gender revolve around what being right and wrong! I wonder why and how our society including both the genders to accept and practice the hypocrisy that persist in a society where durga puja and domestic violence act works together ..

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  14. Being in this gender policing is something which I being a guy cannot understand to that extent, but at times I feel being responsible for this curtailment of freedom because the society is certainly not safe, and it is we men mostly responsible for this.. Parental policing beard on gender is something inevitable these days which is very very sad..

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