Travel Log-Dubai-Food

I was there in Dubai for five days. Can you guess, what are the two of the most important things during travel? Yeah! Food and cars! So instead of doing Day 4 and 5, I am going to a post on each of those things.

OMG! The food there is amazing. I am not talking about cuisines and fancy food, I am purely raving of regular daily food. Be it bagels with cream cheese or coffee or sabudane ki khichdi or cheese naan, believe you me, it was just right!

All clean, nice, healthy and just delicious.

After I came back to India, I have been constantly missing the food there. There was also this amazing Turkish sweet that I had tried for the first time and it was so soft and delicious that I just loved it.

See, I have a theory which goes against what most people say. People say that food should just be a means to a need and should not be given much importance to. But what I believe is, one goes through this rigorous process of education, being in the race to be the best so that you can land the best job possible or a run a business, for what? Only so we can have and provide for the best to ourselves and our loved ones. Food is the most important amongst all the things that one provides for. So, why not have the best! Eat, Pray, Love! Right;)




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