Travel Log-Dubai-Day 3

The entire trip to Dubai was an exhilarating experience. No doubt about it. But none the less, along with exciting discoveries about myself, I also encountered certain things that I am scared of!

As silly as it may sound, I am scared of topsy turvy rides. I cannot handle the combination of height, speed and water! Nu-uh.. not my cup of tea.

There was this one ride where you slide through a tunnel and you come to a point where you are amidst the aquarium and you can see all the beautiful fishes. It is absolutely lovely. But me, being the scaredy cat that I am, I was screaming through the entire thing! (You can make faces all you want to, cause I am making one too). If it weren’t for my sister, I would not have even opened my eyes to look at the aquarium. Yeah! I can’t believe it either.

Next embarrassing situation was when I was super excited and confident to go through the rock climbing phase and I couldn’t complete it! In my defense, the tire was hanging at a height of more than 10m and I hand to step on 5 of them to reach the next level. It was super difficult!

See, but it’s all okay. You know why? I know the areas I need to work on, which I never knew before and believe you me, by the time I take the next trip, I will have overcome these!

Some more exciting pictures below!

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