Travel Log-Dubai-Day 2

As you all already realize that a real time update was a failure; well, needless to mention the fact that it was because I was having too much.

The deal with travelling, especially without immediate family, is that you discover a lot about yourself; small, tiny details as well as exasperatingly huge and embarrassing ones (HUSH!)

Yeah anyways, so those of you who have read my earlier posts, already know that I am scared of animals, especially dogs. (Again, I don’t hate them; I am just scared of them)

Turns out, I am not scared of all the animals, I love dolphins!

Oh! They are just such pure creatures, absolute souls, and the most playful of them all with a brilliant insight on building relationships.

I can’t even express the smile it brings to me just by recounting the experience.

Atlantis was the place where I got to meet these wonderful creatures. I need not say much, the pictures would just be enough to iterate the entire experience.

PC: Priyanshi Bachawat Nahata

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