Travel Log- Dubai – Day 1


Finally freedom!

After the long, gut wrenching and soul tearing journey of the dreaded period called the exams ( world’s toughest, to be precise), I am happy and ecstatic to announce, that now I can embark on a pleasurable self trip to Dubai:).
Yea! This is my first international trip alone and I am excited about it to the core of my bones ( which are also very tired by the way).
With sleep for less than two hours in the pat 36 hours, my first tryout was to score an upgradation on my tickets.
My research revealed that the upgradation quota for my flight opens six hours before and so here I was, at the airport six hours before, early in the morning at 2 A.M. only to see the airport as empty as a field during a cowboy duel🔫.
After perusal, it was made clear to me that nothing can happen before 5:30 A.M.
Well! That’s that!
Now the second tryout was to score access to the lounge. But even though that was a sure shot in terms of perfect arrangements for the lounge cards from my side, no one was there to facilitate the same!
Aha…so now what to do! Nothing just chillax in the waiting area for some hours and try again. Hopefully the second attempts are the it ones!

The trip has only just begun!



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