Talking to the Lizard


Recently I have been talking to the lizard who seemed to have very comfortably occupied my bathroom.

Since late nights are often lonely, especially if you are studying, there is a tendency to find a companion, no matter how absurd the company is, it just makes some twisted sense at that point of time.
It would very comfortably sit under the sink, lazing around.

It had like half a tail, so if you weren’t looking carefully it would seem that it had two heads, one at the front and one at the back.

I had told my niece that it is my pet lizard and would do anything I say, to which she seemed quite impressed of ( as I am known to be scared of animals, not that I hate them but yea I am just terrified if they come within my proximity- a whole another new level of discussion that is).

So, this one time, past midnight, I explained how tired I was and needed to go on a vacation. She peered out of her spot and strolled into the open area, that is when I noticed the head-tail characteristic. Turned her head as I continued, as if she was nodding. I concluded telling her that she had a peculiar body and that I needed to take a snap of her, to which she responded by running back to her hiding spot ( it was probably from the sound of the shower that I had just started but the timing matched for the other plausible explanation too). I smiled and said “tomorrow”.

The next day she was nowhere to be found!


PS: I refer the lizard as ‘she’ because of how understanding it was!
Anyone else with crazy exam encounters?


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