Queer Analogy-1 ;0

I have certain queer analogies. Needless to say that these have come to me over the years and has naturally accumulated. Don’t ask me how do they come to my mind, they just do and  I promise that they are brilliant stuff, guaranteed to blow your mind (literally ;))

Some time back, there were some five of us who had gathered in the hope that we would enjoy a horror movie. Plans were made; a thorough search was conducted for the scariest movie and downloaded a night before, popcorn made, lights dimmed, curtains pulled, and blankets were taken out. We were all set to get scared. But as it turned out, we waited and waited to get scared and let’s just say that we were still waiting when the movie ended.


Highly disappointed, some very sarcastic comments came through and I was attacked because watching a scary movie was my idea (even though I did not pick the exact movie, everyone else did).

In between the argument, this popped in my head, “How come in all the horror stories the girl is only possessed?” and aloud it was said. There was a strange silence, then!

Think about it (don’t think too seriously, of course!), from the time that any film in this genre has been made, it has shown that the spirit has always controlled the heroine’s body. Hmmm, if I didn’t know any better I would say that ghosts are equal participants in the issue of gender bias.

It does not matter whether the spirit itself is a male or female, it shall definitely influence the living female character centrally; that too the beautiful ones! As if this is the only thing that comes to their mind, “Let’s find a beautiful lady and scare the shit out of everyone”. So along with gender bias they also have grading women on their charge sheet!

Seriously queer, right!

To the horror movie makers, my sincere request, create ones, which actually scare us! Like a 50 ‘boo’ moments stringed together.


PS: No, I was not dropped on my head as a child! Or maybe I was..who cares ;*


4 thoughts on “Queer Analogy-1 ;0

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  1. Interesting! Though I ain’t a fan of horror films. You should know it was difficult for me to actually open the link after having seen that pretty picture you posted alongside 😉


  2. Haha..After all it is only a brave soul that can overcome it’s fear!
    And you know this is how we the movie’s marketing team attract us to the halls…scary pictures during promotion and when you go to watch it..It actually turns out to be a comedy!

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