Time is the most crucial element of life. Rather, I think that it is the only element that gives us every emotion that we experience and make us who we are today. In this time we cross path with so many people. It’s amazing how much we learn from them, their experience and their guidance knowingly or unknowingly.

Today, I am confident, as an individual, to be at a place where I can speak for myself; It is purely because of those teachable moments, that those distinctive people have given me.

If I had to make a list from the top of my head, I will remember these people always for:

  1. Papa- Those countless instances when he has taught me what selfless caring means


(I shall aways believe in you with my eyes closed)

  1. Mumma- Instilling in me the tiny habits and behaviors that make me stand tall in the society todayimage
  1. Sarkar- My love and fluency of English

Unfortunately, i dont have a picture of her:(. But she was the prettiest teacher when I was in MBG:D

  1. Deepa Marolia- Showing me how much loving can a person be and giving it brings so much joy


  1. Sujata Bhatt- Teaching me that as much as English is important in my life, so should be my mother tongue Hindi. Just because I know a language better, should not reduce my respect for the other.


  1. Kavya Prema- Supporting me and showing that having strength goes a long way


  1. Priyanshi Bachhawat Nahata- Simply teaching me never to give up and not forget to believe in myself


  1. Mahima Bagri- Teaching me what little I know of my profession today.


(We need a snap together!)

9. My niece, Vanya- For being my Breath!


(I learn from you more and more everyday)

These people continue to constantly amaze and inspire me every day, even though some of them I have not met for a couple of years( which I plan to change soon).

These may seem of little importance but they have make me come a long way. So many other people have a hand in shaping me and molding me and I thank them today to be a part of my timeand for giving me a piece of their time which is the most important gift that I can ever receive. I am proud to have and continue to share a period with you.



5 thoughts on “THE TIME OF MY LIFE

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  1. hi,
    just saw Deepa Morolia in ur post. How do you know her? Cant see your name here in this.
    I am her brother.



  2. Okay. I was just missing her a lot and just typed her name on google (don’t know why i did so, she cant come back from google) and found her pic. But feels good that she is alive in memories of people, as u..


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