Idealism V/s Survival


Small things in life often amount to a lot.
When we are young and raw, we understand the most basic sentiments, nothing more or nothing less. These are what we call pure emotions. We recognise and relate it to babies most often, because for us their feelings and state are free of any inhibitions, failure or loss. We believe, what they say, to be true and that is what puts us in awe of them.

As they grow older, their untouched soul, slowly gets covered in layers and layers of norms and shackles. Basically the child that believed anything is possible is taught specifically everything that is not possible. In other words, they are taught to be realistic. As basic human instinct goes, they try and resist but as time passes “realism” is hammered in them.

This is when the confusion and conflict within them begins because the ideals that they had formed earlier are no more enough for their survival or to a much greater extent, they are even contradictory of each other.

For example, I had for a long time believed, that if we can’t say anything good about anyone, that’s okay. But we should refrain from saying anything bad. In order to prove our stand correct, we can point out the bad part of the opposite party’s stand but not degrade 5 he party themselves. That was a part of my ideal.

But as I stepped out there into the society, I learnt that this was not the case. In order to survive and prove yourself right, you have to do it by degrading the person in front of you, because they won’t stop at anything. Keeping quite is not a solution.
Also, externally there is so much going on that once in a while you do need to speak what’s on your mind without a pause, so that you can just let go.

This is my one instance where I stand at crossroads with my ideals and instinct to survive. Sometimes I choose the former and sometimes the later.
But that does not justify it to be a great life lesson and neither I am proud of it.

This in other words is also what the society calls growing up and “Maturing”, both of which would be very unnecessary, if I had it my way!



3 thoughts on “Idealism V/s Survival

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  1. We have seen Lenin, we have seen Aristophanes, and we have seen many crisis both domestic and international… Holding on to ideologies have limitation… And we often amend. But promoting new ideas, and holding on to them for a better cause is always great..

    I appreciate your point .. Time and situation so dictate… Most of the time

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