She believed she could, so she did!

Remember those statements:

This is how it goes!

                   What will the society say?

You have come of age

                  The man is the bread earner of the family and woman a home maker!

Know your place; never speak up in front of your man!

                     Only if you know how to cook and clean can you be happy in life!


See these are age old statements. Every girl who nears a marriageable age has to hear this, sometimes even from a younger age. Like it’s a compulsory anecdote without which survival is impossible.

That is the point, isn’t it? Our elders have, with experience, drawn conclusion that this is how it is supposed to be. That in order to function and grow, two individuals from opposite sex needs to be together and perform their own roles. But who has decided these roles?

Of course, the reference is given to our Vedas and Puranas. So, I got curious. What are these guide books that everyone follows like written law? I went to google, of course and did some research.

The above link is the most amazing link that I have come across till date!

Why? I will tell you. Once you go to the section Hindu law, under it you will find Arthaveda.

Quoting directly from there:

Women in ancient India used to be very respected. There is no exclusion of women according to the Vedas. Motherhood is considered the greatest glory of Hindu women. The Taittiriya Upanishad teaches, “Matridevo bhava” – “Let your mother be god to you.” In this mantra of Brahmcharya Sukta, it is emphasized that girls too should train themselves as students and only then enter into married life. The Sukta specifically emphasizes that girls should receive the same level of training as boys.”

I need not say that this statement itself proves a lot of those said statements and the prevailing society norms incorrect.

This statement gives women power to study and learn. It gives equal right to a woman. More than that, it respects women and asks of everyone to do the same. This is what is there in our holy books. I don’t know how, it got distorted so much that we refused to treat women as humans and started looking at them as commodity.( I am not going to mention the social evils, because all of us are well aware of them). Even us, women have accepted it as our fate, our destiny. When you read through it, you will see that both man and woman have equal rights towards family and work.

When I state the conclusion of Rigveda, you will come to understand, what a responsibility it is to be a woman!

Rigveda states:

  1. Women should be brave
  2. Women should be expert
  3. Women should earn fame
  4. Women should ride on chariots
  5. Women should be scholars
  6. Women should be prosperous and wealth
  7. Women should be intelligent and knowledgeable
  8. Women should be protector of family and society and get in army
  9. Women should be illuminating
  10. Women should be provider of wealth, food and prosperity

With this the need to prove woman equivalent to man vanishes, if we actually believe so much in the Vedas. I do not write this to point out that women are being mistreated, but to merely provide you with a tool of awareness. Awareness about the fact that we have the power to change and our history confirms it. The assumptions that our elders have made, we can change that with better understanding and meaningful actions that will lead us to be better individuals.

I want to be a person, free from shackles, incoherent rituals and nugatory beliefs. And I believe do too. Please do read the above link to spread knowledge to unproductive and benighted minds!

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