A long due Harry Potter thought!


Harry Potter, the greatest stories of all time, one that taught you a lot. I was one of those crazy fan girls, who collected each and every picture and article of the crazy trio and their creator only to compile them into a scrap book. I was mad, literally. When I used to go and see those movie, I was both fascinated and irritated equally because some excerpts from the series were so well interpreted and some were, well lets just say not up to the mark.
The point being that, at that impressionable age (I was in my early teens), I learnt some of the most important lessons through this marvellous publication.
1.Imagination is important

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2.Being eccentric is not necessarily bad

3.When you believe, anything is possible

4.Stand strong, no matter who or why anyone tries to step on you

5.Love in any form conquers all, gives you the strength

6.Always remember that rejection faced should only inspire you to prove otherwise

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7.There is always a safe haven there for you

8.Humour holds importance in dark times

9.Once you succeed, all the troubles seem worth it

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10.The only thing to fear is the fear itself


Why do I write this today? Just saw the movies again. Felt just like old times. Felt like a crazy crushing girl again!

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2 thoughts on “A long due Harry Potter thought!

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  1. Remember that one : “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

    Initially, it took me so much time to actually figure out what it meant 🙂


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