“Seeing” in the Dark


I have seen the darkness.
Felt it’s presence around me.
Even though everyday,
I believe I will wake up,
My slumber somehow seems endless.
It’s not the lack of trying ,
But in some manner,
The darkness eludes me.
Light might make everything seem beautiful,
But I am tranced to finding my way through darkness.
When I am in the dark walkathon,
I believe I can stride,
Stealth through
Because in the black,
There is no sight upon me
But I , can see through the darkness.


I am forced to face what I fear,
I am forced to potray a brave front.
Just as the lightning comes
Streaking through the cloud,
My strength is forced to be victorious on the testing grounds.
I know it’s just a phase,
And I know it won’t last.
I know that once the Sun comes up
I will be basking in the glory of the wrath.
But in that moment,
When the dark does eludes me;
I believe that I will illuminate,
I will strike,
I will be the lightning that emblazons the pitch dark.


PS: I captured  the pictures while adorning the rains in Kolkata. I wanted to capture lightning. I was able to only capture streaks of it.Not a masterpiece but still it is my work:)


3 thoughts on ““Seeing” in the Dark

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  1. Nice try! It’s difficult capturing it with the our normal phone cameras or digicams. We need faster shutter speed for it 🙂 Beautiful words too.


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