Mamta’s Midas brush


This was on the front page of Telegraph today. (13 April 2015)
If I can’t call this atrocious than what can I ?
I understand that you have a hobby and by God’s grace you can earn money from it, but Hon Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee are you forgetting what your profession actually is?
Even when the elections are right around the corner your focus is still astray.
I do not understand.
Frankly why should I ?
At every 20 inches there is a lamp post. Why?
You installed the solar powered lamp posts, claps for you but why are still using the electric ones? Why this dual wastage of resources?
You do know that because of your unsocial nature in the national political gatherings West Bengal is on its way to become the “3rd world “conditioned state of India!
5 years ago, you made us see a better future for WB and we all believed you on the basis of commendable work that you had done as Railway Minister. But then I guess the spirit of the throne overpowered you because whoever sits on it, does not work for some supernatural reason. I don’t know about London or Paris but surely we are becoming a blasted lane, void of opportunities and progression because apparently when you invite business tycoons, all that comes in our hands are the sands of the dry lands (pun intended in both ways).
And all you want to do is talk about your painting sales cause that is the place where your true duty lies?
Why the blind eye?


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