As the rain drops unhurriedly hit the wind shield of the car, my niece observed the fog building on the glass in some wondrous trance. She tried to wipe it off unsuccessfully, much to her dismay . To reduce her bewilderment, I lowered the glass and it lifted back up  only to discover a child begging through the clarity. Both she and my niece made an eye contact that yelped longingness.
Longingness to understand why one was dirty and other was clean. Why was one sitting on lap and the other bare feet. Why was one dry and the other wet. Above all what was it that she was knocking for.

We can probably provide our children the most comfortable life and best care that there is but we shall perhaps never be able to explain the DIFFERENCE between two beings of same kind.

I could see their sight but all I could say was “Maaf karo”(forgive me) and divert my niece’s attention.



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