“Everything has a meaning”

Each time you suffer a downfall or a setback, your natural tendency is to question the fact as to why was it that you faced what you faced. You were never bad to anyone. You never thought Ill of anyone. You worked so hard. You prayed so hard. Yet, you went through the mishap. But, in all this we forget that misfortune often feeds on desperation. Sometimes we want something so much that we loose objectivity which is very important in every step you take.

Today I realised that everything does happen for a reason. My experience of a hardship provided someone else the direction they required. It showed them the right path and in some small way my hardship made a positive impact in their life. Maybe this was the reason I was afflicted. I would not have been able to guide them or help them in any way had I not gone through what I did.

Obviously that does not mean that I am happy about going through distress but it does give me some solace in the fact that maybe the reason for so much agony was so that I could help someone else. That gives me peace on some level. God All Mighty gave me equivalent strength.



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