Charge Up!!

I have been in a passive state for a while now. I have my reasons. Very apparent ones though! I have still not forgone the hibernation state but now I do have a strong inclination of taking charge of my life. I have to actually stabilise my mood swings and start focusing on the “oh so many plans that I have”
I want to start the business (have a solid idea), get my degree (CA) and do post graduation in Dublin.
But those things won’t just happen. I have to wake up for it,right.
I went to this interesting training today. The concept of six thinking hats and mind mapping intrigued me. It got me thinking and I understood that I could utilise it to achieve the three targets I have set for myself.
So obviously I went online and purchased the 2 books along with a felix castor novel  ( Hello! What’s reading without a little bit of fiction..I need fun too)
At the moment I am just way too confused in the direction that I m headed and hopefully this will help me sort myself out.
Let’s see whr will I be at..when I write next.
Breathe people!;)


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