Today I was born
I see the world today
I see the two people whose voices
I have long heard
In the shell of  my cosy womb

Gentle touch
And I know I am loved
The way I am carried
Guarantees me protection 

I see them everyday now
It’s been years since I have seen this world 
The safe word is only existent in here

I hear a lot of songs
And smell a lot delicacies
But none churn’s the womb’s hyms
Or the magic of her fingers

I can see my guardian
Running here and turning  there
And I am reminded 
That at a time I held his hand
To learn to run and to turn

Today they gave my hand
In the hand of life
They say he will walk me
Through time from now on

I look up and see
What used to be a gender 
Is now the air I breathe 
And I blinked to make the moment freeze

I see him everyday now
He has given  me little gifts 
I lie in the wake now
To return to my peaceful  sleep 

As I wait
I question  the stages that I saw
Where was I, as I travelled  with the world’s law
Why was I passed from them to him
Where was the acceptance of my childhood  dream
Why am I ought to go now
When I know my fairytale has the happy ending
After  all the evil that is now bygone
Where is acceptance of my life’s  yearning

All I see is wonder
A wonder that leads me to believe
Nothing matters more
Cause I was accepted as theirs and his 


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