Focused or Free Work??

Recently  I discovered that minds often confuse between working with focus and working freely in an unstringent manner. They think that if one is done the other is not possible. As in the two concepts cannot walk hand in hand.

In a general conversation with a senior about work ethics, I happened to mention that though they are focused in their work, they do not indulge in any entertainment. To which his reply was that work should be done with full concentration and in no other way. At that point of time I did not have any reply or probably a reply would have further deteriorated the already caused “awkward” situation. Resting the topic seemed the best solution at the time.

Now when I think about it, perhaps, the best wordings would have been that working in an unrestricted, clear and open intellect would provide a better state of attention.

Elaborating further with an example, a person tied to a desk with the burden of work will definitely be able to complete the work on time but shall not be able to achieve the same level of self satisfaction that he would have otherwise had if he had taken the same work in its stride and done it in a flow of everyday activities without treating it as anything special. I will also clarify here that here drops in the another word “Prioritizing”. When this is done it with a plan in head, it becomes easier to navigate through the day without taking it weight of the activity.

Of course to increase the anxiety, surprise elements shall always spring up, disturbing your perfectly planned day, but then again you shall have to decide which activity shall hold importance over the other. The key again becomes “Prioritizing”

Another factor to be considered is most of us are involved in a non creative occupation which makes our work boring and mundane. It does not encourage us to look beyond what we already do and we get either too comfortable in the fixed positions given at offices or crib at every chance we get about everything we got or even better we do both.

Day in day out the same series of tasks shall create a frustration in any one. Its implied. Hence it is even more important that we non creative people take up small non time consuming recreational activities in the least to give ourselves an edge.

I am considerably new to the corporate world. If I am compared to the tycoons I am merely days old in this sphere. But I have worked in both manners and focused unimpeded working is a more liberating form of doing one’s job.


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