Corporate Awkwardness

I don’t know how many girls out there face this but I find this really uncomfortable: Being the only girl in the team, that too when the other guys are senior to you(not the senior citizen material though). The awkwardness is not only from my side but theirs too. How? Well, first of all guys have some inside jokes, some code language which is beyond any girl’s understanding,  so half the time you don’t understand.  You smile but are completely clueless about it. Hence neither can you participate in the conversation nor can you move out of it cause client has assigned you only one room plus that would be rude! Now if they have to say go out for a smoke or some other “boys only” activity,  it’s difficult for them to ask the girl. So what happen..obviously “awkwardness”. Say they do go leaving you, you are all alone and if you don’t have any work at that moment you most certainly don’t know what to do with yourself. These were the negatives. The positives would be that you are proffered more, asked often about food and left early;)


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