It has to be what it is!!

I know I have not written for a long time now but what can I say…too busy..yes..anything else …no. Life takes over and as much as I care of what happens in the outside world, I am not willing to understand it too much. People evolve, their preferences change over time and mine has too. I am very much still trying to make sense of what is what but I think like the Earth, I also move around in circles. No matter how much of I try to penetrate the idea of this world that I am living in, I cant understand it’s “primitive” methods. I stress on the word primitive because I truly believe that even after acquiring so many degrees none of us are educated. This page was all about my take and my perspective on things and that is what I am going to do. Write as I see it would be my IT funda. This would be the best place to reel out all my negative and positive energy. Since this blog is already in my name…so it would be apparent about whom or what I am speaking about to those who know me currently but I would change the names just for the sake of it. I wont be apologetic about it cause lets face it even though I sense the other person’s difficulty in life, I also need to sort out my own troubles.I had thought of making this as an organised novel with day by day events but frankly I have no idea when shall I begin it. So be it this way..on this blog.
Happy Reading
PS: Lets see how long can I go on writing this time


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