Breathing freedom – Salute to those who want extraordinary in ordinary substance


We fight for the outer freedom.
We cry for the inner freedom.

With the outer freedom, we see and rule the four corners of the globe.
With the inner freedom, we see the Soul and become the Goal of the entire universe.”
-Sri Chinmoy

I cannot be caught up and kept.

I cannot be taught to perceive your ideas.

Your familiarity with the world, can’t make me see the genuinity of the confinement.

I am ready to learn from your experiences, but i am not afraid to make my own..

I cannot be defined, for I am not one thing..

I comprise of my own visions, to create new resolutions

Not to be deserted but to reach to those who were left deserted

I use a path not walked often upon, but then,

Nowhere else too, do I see the heavenly light upon.

Try, oh try with all your might,

To imprison my shine,

but when I break open you will be impervious to obscurity,

For I am anyone who breathes to give freedom

Who fights for inner and outer peace

For I am the one gracing the change,

To give you a liberated life.


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