Let me be

I don’t understand sometimes. How can something so small be so effective to bring a tear down your eye? Whether it is a good or bad, comes secondary. I have seen my niece take small steps and it is a pleasure to see her take every single step of her life ever since. But seeing a little girl employed in my own house, hurts me. I don’t know whether I should be glad that I am humane or angry with myself for caring about such silly things, is and always shall be beyond my understanding. No matter how ignorant I try to be with those things, I can’t become oblivious blind to it. I wish I could, oh believe me; I wish so with all my heart because compassion is not enough to do something to bring about a change, a development and prove that we are not just animals. The fact that she gets food in my home and that my home can provide her a better atmosphere should be my consolation. Maybe, I could even teach her. See, this is logical, right? It’s not. For if I actually want to give her that, I would do it without asking for her labour in return. She deserves to take small steps and be looked at affectionately. But would I do that? No, cause it’s beneath my pride. I will just eventually get used to it. Eventually, the longingness in those eyes would disappear from mine, her feeling of disappointment would turn into a need for me, her playing with my niece would be an understanding while she sees good things in life that she was not given in another child’s hand. But of course, if it’s not her then who shall do my work?! So forgive me, for I don’t understand sometimes. wish you well


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